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Terms & Conditions

  • Card Valid for 1 year till date of expiry & not transferable
  • Card Valid only with card holder(1+3 ,scheme) if applicable.
  • Renable time –before 15 days of expiry of card.
  • If lost/issue new card, full card fees will charge (card value).
  • Any froud & duplicacy of card will be punishable under act(IPC-464).
  • All card details are managed by company.
  • Not applicable on special occasion(other party booking, pre- booking) (conditionally applicable).
  • One Card- One Bill- One Discount applicable.
  • Show your card after bill.
  • If lost card found, please submit to Office.
  • If photo not available on card, card will be valid with any id proof.

Note : After Submission of details successfully. Please collect your ultra discount card after 15 days.

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